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5007:58*58CM Korean style frosted water-proof wrapping paper
Serial No: Prowin5007
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Price details:
Stock quantity:298996

Name: 58*58CM Korean style frosted water-proof wrapping paper

Single sheet size:58*58CM                   

Package:20 sheets/pack                       

Material: Water-proof plastic               

GW: 0.35kg


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1. What is Prowin's business?

Basedin the urban city of Shanghai China, Prowin mainly deals with the exportationof wrapping material, wrapping paper, wrapping mesh, ribbons, floral accessoriesand artificial flowers of single stem, bushes, bundles, wreath, rattans,artificial plants and foliage etc., for home decorations, wedding decorations,and is also the floral supplies center for global florist clients to make anyfloral arrangements as they wished. Besides, Prowin provides a variety ofChristmas trees, Christmas stockings, classic plush dolls with the theme ofSanta Claus, Reindeer, Snowman etc which serves clients all over the world.

2. What is the MOQ of the each order?

Differentitems have different MOQ requirements, and mainly it is between 50-100 pics foreach model.

3. What is the lead time?

Forthe small order that we keep in stock, delivery can be made in 3-5 workingdays, and for bulk order or each items are more than 1000 pieces, it will take7-10 working days, and for container order, it will take 10-15 working days.Please contact us to confirm the accurate lead time when you confirm the order.

4. Is the price negotiable?

Ourinternational Prowin shop serves as the retail and wholesale, if your order ismore than 500 pieces for each model, please feel free to contact us for betterprice.

5. What is the payment terms?

Foronline shopping, you can choose to pay via Paypal, Western Union or TT transferto our company account by TT transfer for bulk order.

6. Delivery terms & cost

Smallorder will be sent by courier, and our cooperation courier companies include:DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and EMS. Delivery cost can be confirmed according to theparcel package and weight.

7. How to contact us?

   Please talk with us online or send message to Whatsapp: +86 1868687 3937


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          0086 18686873937
         Rm 306, Bldg 1, No. 163 Nanlu Highway, Hongding Industrial Park, Shanghai 201314, China
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